Debco Electronics Inc. is a family owned and operated “mom & pop” electronics shop located in Cincinnati, OH. The company began in our family basement in1977. Pretty soon my mom (The “Deb” of Debco) got tired of being disturbed during dinner to sell a nickle resistor, and told my dad that if he wanted to continue this he would have to get a storefront. Fast forward 45 years later and we are still here in the 2nd Generation continuing my parents dream.

Mistakes and Typos

While we make every effort to double check for mistakes and typographical errors, we appreciate you letting us know when you spot them. Pricing and availability mistakes will be fixed as soon as possible. If we discover any mistakes concerning your order, we will confirm with you before shipping or billing.

Site Art

Please be aware that the pictures used on buttons and category pages here are meant to be representative of the items available. They are chosen for color, size, clarity and we hope you understand not all items used as art are for sale. We try not use pictures of great old favorites that you can no longer purchase, but unfortunately we do not have time to redo all the site art as stock changes. Thank You, the Debco Electronics Inc. Web Team.

Customer Service

At Debco Electronics Inc., customer satisfaction is our number one concern. The links in the box below can help you manage your account and ordering.
If you have any problems with online ordering, please call Mike at
Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM EST or email us.

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